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By definition, on social media ‘A community is a group of people who have similar interests or who want to achieve something together.’ Salesforce Community Cloud enables businesses to connect and collaborate with their partners, customers, employees, and business processes.

Users can create communities and share information regarding your brand or product with other users online. When it comes to sharing information, Salesforce Community Cloud caters to the following set of users:

A Partner Community connects resellers, distributors, and partners to increase sales. They can find information and experts, register new leads, update records, and manage funds, enabling them to close more deals more quickly.

A Customer Community helps customers interact with each other, provide feedback, share their interests, access articles and FAQs regarding your brand and product, and they can even make purchases in the community.

An Employee Community helps employees to collaborate on projects, find subject-matter experts, get updates, and search for topic sensitive information.

Business Processes
Community cloud allows companies to design custom actions to integrate third-party apps into core business processes. 

How Community Cloud Empowers You?

Salesforce Community Cloud helps build communities for everyone significant to your business ecosystem.

Business Integration
Salesforce business integration solutions can connect any department like sales, service, and marketing, to supply chain and product development. Data can be presented to community members in a branded, mobile, and social environment.

Community cloud interface is all about its users; such as, employees, customers, and partners. User profile pages always show their areas of interest and endorsements received for their expertise in any particular field. Users can select or refer any data including files, articles, and topics from anywhere in the community.

Customisation and Branding
Customise Community Cloud to create outstanding, simple-to-use environments that are relative extensions of your brand. Here the Community Builder tool helps alter the visual elements of templates to match your brand’s look and feel to create an impressive customer experience. You can even create sophisticated custom Community Layouts using the Visual Designer tool to meet specific business needs.

Users can have easy access to communities from anywhere, with the Salesforce mobile app or on any mobile browser. It works as a knowledge sharing platform that is accessible from anywhere. You can create highly customised mobile collaboration apps using the Salesforce Mobile software development kit (SDK).

With the customer engagement platform, it is easy to reward members for being active in the community. You can create customized ranks, badges, and scoring system as incentives for participation for rewarding community members.

Community Management
You can understand how customers use the community by monitoring areas like, adoption and engagement, most popular groups, users, and topics. Using the Lightning dashboard feature in the Community Management Console you can measure and analyse metrics and optimise as required.

How Community Cloud Works?

Community Cloud is an innovative way to give more independence to Salesforce users. Allowing various groups of users to interact and help each other share information on topics that are important to them to carry out their business and knowledge building requirements.

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