Are Humans Going To Be Replaced By Computers?

With the advent of smaller and faster computers, data is generated faster and in abundance. Billions of people are now using the internet and mobile devices to stay connected and make up a network of information and interaction like never before.

It is a common belief that someday humans will be replaced by computer intelligence. To overcome such beliefs it is very important to understand that computers can work faster but rely on human intelligence and decision making capabilities for their daily processes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not here to replace humans with computers. AI is here to assist humans uncover insights, predict outcomes, recommend next-best actions and automate routine, manual tasks for being more productive. AI is the ultimate innovation, based on advances in computing power, the ability to store large volumes of data in the cloud at minimal cost, and provide an easier access to advanced algorithms.

How AI Became Essential?
All businesses thrive to produce mainly two things profits and happy customers. Evidently, while achieving business objectives, massive data is generated on a daily basis. It is crucial for businesses to analyze and study this data to predict the future success of their products in relation to the growing needs of their customers. This is where Salesforce came up with the innovation of technical excellence, Einstein Analytics. 

Einstein Analytics is an intelligence capability built into the Salesforce platform and focused on delivering smarter customer relationship management (CRM). Its features are designed to discover insights, predict outcomes, recommend actions and automate tasks. 

How Einstein Integrates With Your Business?
Einstein Analytics easily surpasses earlier business intelligence software by using augmented analytics for every industry and business user. These days, businesses consist of four basic components such as, Sales, Service, Marketing, and IT. Einstein uses the IT component to improve the functionality and predictability of the other three components; including, Sales, Service, and Marketing. 

Are You Able To SELL, The Right Product To The Right Customer At The Right Time?
Using Einstein Analytics, your team can spend more time visiting customers and not entering data, predict the best next step for every customer, and understand what customers need and when they need it.

Are You Able To Give SERVICES, To Customers On The Right Channel By The Right Agent?
Einstein Analytics enables your team to recommend solutions before a customer asks, offer cross-sells and up sells at the right time and predict when things will change, before they actually do.

Are You MARKETING, On The Right Channel At The Right Time With The Best Content?
Einstein Analytics helps your team reach every customer at the right time, distinguish the best audience for every campaign, and is able to deliver the perfect content for every customer.

Are You Using IT, For Building Apps That Leverage The Predictive Power Of AI?
Einstein Analytics helps your team build predictive, smarter Mobile apps, leverage the power of open-source frameworks, and empower everyone to build with AI, more rapidly.

How Does Einstein Work?

Einstein Analytics offers features that integrate with the requirements of your business at every step. Einstein is powered by machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing, and data mining. Its user friendly environment gives the following capabilities to your team:

Einstein Discovery
Increase productivity and discover relevant patterns in all your data, whether it is on Salesforce or outside. Find simple AI insights and recommendations to tough problems and take action on your findings.

Einstein Prediction Builder
Einstein predicts future outcomes and recommends actions to take right within the apps you already use. You can predict business outcomes, such as churn or lifetime value and create custom AI models on any Salesforce field or object with clicks, not code.

Einstein Next Best Action
Einstein delivers proven recommendations to employees and customers, right in the apps where they work. It defines recommendations, creates action strategies, integrates predictive models, displays recommendations, and activates automation.

Einstein Language
Use natural language processing (NLP) to find linguistic patterns you can use to answer questions, respond to requests, and identify conversations about your brand across the web. It understands how customers feel, automatically routes inquiries, and streamlines your workflows.

Einstein Bots
Easily build, train, and deploy custom bots on digital channels that are connected to your CRM data. Enhance business processes, empower your employees, and delight your customers.

Einstein Vision
Computer vision includes visual pattern identification and data processing to track your products and brand, recognize text in images, and more. See the entire conversation about your brand on social media and beyond. Use intelligent image recognition in your apps by training deep learning models to recognize your brand, products, and more.

Einstein Voice
Einstein Voice Assistant is an automatic speech recognition feature that translates spoken language into text. Using this feature you can get daily briefings, make updates, and drive dashboards by simply speaking to Einstein Voice Assistant. In addition, you can create and launch your own custom branded voice assistants with Einstein Voice Bots.

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