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As most businesses are moving to the cloud, it is crucial that new cloud applications are well integrated with one another, and with any existing business applications behind the firewall. Using deeply integrated enterprise applications, every member of your team will be capable of making quick and accurate data-driven decisions.

NetSuite combines accounting and ERP programs, CRM tools and e-commerce capabilities in a single packaged offering. NetSuite is Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables users from different departments such as sales, accounting, operations and support help access customer information by means of a single record. This way NetSuite eliminates data redundancies and inconsistencies.
NetSuite customization helps you to map business activities like, Sales and Purchase cycle to NetSuite records. Preliminary customization activities can be like:

  • Renaming standard records and fields
  • Creating custom fields in standard records
  • Identify multiple scenarios for entering the same transaction
  • Creating Custom Forms for each scenario to show or hide fields, subtabs as required

In addition, NetSuite customization also presents the following:

  • Provides an all-inclusive tool to create searches
  • Provides a layout editor to customize transaction printouts
  • Offers a variety of reporting capabilities that can be used to retrieve, present, and analyze real-time business outcomes
  • Offers Advanced PDF/HTML Layouts for designing more complex reports and transaction printing layouts

In cases, where you are not able to accomplish the required layout or information, you can use SuiteScript. Here it is important to mention that Suitelets can be effectively used to design custom PDF and CSV reports. 

NetSuite customization can be achieved by using the SuiteCloud platform, a comprehensive offering of cloud development tools, applications and infrastructure. Using SuiteCloud, customers and software developers can further increase the benefits of cloud computing. SuiteCloud platform provides the following six components:

SuiteBuilder helps customize NetSuite application forms, fields and records with a simple point-and-click experience.

SuiteAnalytics provides embedded business intelligence to any customizations or applications built with SuiteCloud.

SuiteFlow provides developers and customers with easy-to-use point-and-click tools to customize and automate business processes.

SuiteScript is based on industry-standard JavaScript, which allows new functions, processes, and entire applications to be built and hosted in NetSuite.

SuiteTalk helps integrate NetSuite with a variety of on-premise applications and third-party cloud environments. 

SuiteBundler enables you to easily bundle groups of customizations, manage versioning and deploy customizations. 

NetSuite Integration
leverages CSV, SOAP and REST web services to integrate NetSuite with a variety of on-premise applications and third-party cloud environments. SuiteTalk allows developers to use any programming language or platform that supports the SOAP standard in order to generate NetSuite business objects in that language.
SuiteTalk can be used to build website-to-NetSuite integrations or create lightweight custom mobile applications. SuiteTalk is capable of:

  • Supporting NetSuite’s core ERP, CRM and eCommerce products.
  • Depicting programmatic access to NetSuite data and business processes from external systems.
  • Providing real-time transactional and master data integration.
  • Leveraging existing skills such as Microsoft .NET or Java development.
  • Providing robust error handling and standards-based security.

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