Pardot Marketing


Pardot is B2B marketing automation that makes your business’ marketing efforts smarter. AD Infosystemimplement Pardot within your organization.

Empower Your Sales Team

⦁ Lead Scoring & Grading: Score and grade your prospects to make sure warm and important leads are passed to your sales team.
⦁ Real-Time Notifications: Never lose another lead by implementing notifications and assignment rules to alert your team immediately of hot leads.
⦁ Integrate with to clean up and validate your leads and and prospects.

Generate More Leads

⦁ Landing Pages: Use WYSIWIG templates to make landing pages quickly and easily.
⦁ Forms: Easily convert your leads with dynamic forms that can be integrated with your website.
⦁ Email Optimization: Optimize your email campaigns through A/B testing, and a suite of optimization tools.

Understand Your Customers

⦁ Activity Tracking: Get granular data about your prospects with detailed activity tracking. This includes downloads, form submissions, page views and more.
⦁ A/B Testing: There’s no more need to guess how to market to your customers. A/B testing will allow you full flexibility into finding the right message.

Streamline Processes

⦁ Automation Rules: No more tedious manual segmenting, organizing or arranging. Let Pardot’s automation rules do all of the heavy lifting.
⦁ Engagement Studio: Now you can run complex intelligent drip campaigns with an easy to use interface. Pardot’s engagement studio allows you to decide exactly how to stay in touch with your customers.