Sales Cloud

Collaborate with sales and marketing teams to understand sales process, define key sales objectives and build workflows and supporting reports that provide good visibility of your customer data.

  • Configure sales cloud to manage all of your accounts, contacts, leads, Quote and opportunities
  • Automate lead creation and assignment with queues and assignment rules
  • Automate standared sales forecast and custom forecast order.
  • Configure sales processes that are relevant to business and allow management to capture the lead stage data they need
  • Enable chatter feed tracking on objects and fields for greater visibility, and create chatter groups to increase collaboration
  • Use reports and dashboard to track open opportunities in pipeline by sales reps

Implementing Lead to Opportunity cycle and integrating it to Order to Cash cycle in back office ERP systems through cloud integration.

Sync your emails and contacts with your email system

Integrate Microsoft office and SharePoint to generate sales documents directly from Salesforce and share it with team internally and externally