Sales cloud generates proactive sales environments to increase productivity, gain accounts, and formulate insightful decisions using real-time data. In addition, your sales team is further equipped with the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics to plan sales strategies and optimise sales resources and processes.

How Sales Cloud Increases Profits?

When you implement Salesforce in your company the following set of benefits quickly add-on to your daily working environment:

Contact Management
A web-based view of your customers, including activity history, customer communications, internal account discussions, and even social data.

Opportunity Management
Streamline your sales processes, get a 360-degree view of your most important deals, know your competition, and make the right product quotes at the right time.

Lead Management
Track marketing campaigns across all channels and assign the right leads to the right people.

Reports and Dashboards
Create custom reports and track team performance with dashboards that give real-time status of your business.

With mobile CRM app solution, your sales reps can view meetings, events, and get account updates on the go, join conference calls with a tap, take meeting notes while in motion, access and update CRM data anytime, even while offline.

Email Integration
Use the Outlook CRM and Gmail integrations to get a complete view of your customers. In addition, you can easily sync your email inbox, mobile device, and Salesforce calendars, seamlessly.

Sales Forecasting
Obtain real-time views of your entire team’s forecast, including in-line forecast adjustments, and track team performances. 

Workflow and Approvals
Create workflows that guide sales agents through qualification conversations, intelligently recommend next steps on a deal, or automate manual tasks like filling out orders or putting together complex proposals.

Files Sync and Share
Make a content management library that allows you to quickly search and share content like presentations, contracts, proposals, and more.

Salesforce Engage
Communicate effectively with your customers and deploy personalized campaigns in just one click, understand prospect interactions, and get alerts on active leads.

Sales Collaboration
With powerful social tools, sales teams can find experts that can provide key insights, share competitive data, and get the right information to the right people, from anywhere, on any device.

Territory Management
Using the valuable sales territory management features in Sales Cloud you can define and save assignment rules, create and previous multiple territory strategies and then activate the one that works best.

Partner Management
Get a direct view into the performance of your channel partners so you can collaborate better and drive more deals. Sales Cloud is the easiest way to develop a fully branded partner community.

How Sales Cloud Works?

Sales cloud uses a balance of integration between all the features of Salesforce to facilitate an efficient and productive environment for its users.

Salesforce CPQ
Configure, price, and quote software

B2B marketing automation

Salesforce Inbox
Email productivity app with calendar integration

Partner Relationship Management
Channel sales automation

Salesforce Essentials
Small business CRM for sales and growth

Sales Cloud Einstein
Artificial Intelligence for CRM

Lightning Dialer
Click-to-call features

Salesforce Mobile
Productivity app for iOS and Android

Marketplace for pre-integrated apps

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