SuiteScript enables developers and administrators to build flexible customized business logic within NetSuite. Depending on the business requirements developers can easily generate sophisticated business processes to completely new applications.

Portability & Productivity

SuiteScript is built on industry-standard JavaScript that ensures portability and rapid developer productivity.

Extends Scripting Throughout NetSuite

SuiteScript enables full-featured application-level scripting capabilities throughout NetSuite.

Procedural Logic & Robust Debugging

SuiteScript supports sophisticated procedural logic and featuring robust debugging capabilities. A web-based interactive debugger allows validation and testing of SuiteScript code.

Create Customized Cloud Applications

SuiteScript makes possible virtually limitless customization and cloud application construction.

Automatic Script Migration

Irrespective of what scripts you create within NetSuite, they migrate automatically with each NetSuite upgrade.

Various Scripting Models

Multiple scripting models include event-based, scheduled, client scripting and more. Few of the flexible scripting models that help support customization needs are, User-event scripts,
Portlet scripts, Client scripts, Suitelets, RESTlets, Workflow action scripts and bundle installation script.

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