Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services

For years, AD Infosystem - a Microsoft Gold Partner - has been helping its clients to enhance their customer relationships, heighten efficiency and profitability, and streamline the sales process while concurrently reducing operational costs via accelerated CRM initiatives. Let us assist you with the following:

  • Integrated Software Vendor Services
  • Customizations and Integration with LOB Applications
  • Upgrade to the Latest Version and Migration from Legacy ERP
  • Product Engineering, Adoption Training, and Implementation Support

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 services expertise helps organizations break down customer experience barriers, increase business performance, and foster growth. With our intelligent CRM, ERP, and software solutions, we provide excellent results that transform businesses into success stories.

1. Licensing & Consulting

A detailed look at the organization's business and processes is essential to ensure they buy the correct amount and type of Dynamics 365 licenses.

2. Dynamics 365 Implementation

Deploying third-party applications requires dedicated attention from functionality mapping and gap analysis to data migration, user training, and release management.

3. Dynamics 365 Customization

Developing custom objects, designing reports, integrating data and processes at the computer level, and creating a predictive dialer are just ways Data Process can help your business grow.

4. Upgrade & Migration

Upgrade your application/product, freshen up the database, migrate data, modernize legacy systems, then move through object migration.

5. Integration & Testing

Seamlessly integrate with ERP, CMS, web or mobile portals, and various business systems for heightened efficiency. We are testing the capacity of workloads, examining systems, and verifying integrations.

6. Support & Maintenance

Upgrade your customer relationship management (CRM), Great Plains (GP), AX, SL, NAV, and Salesforce systems to Dynamics 365 for increased efficiency. Our services are available at flexible engagements with ad-hoc and Service Level Agreement (SLA) options.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services for Unique Industry Needs

We can generate tailored solutions for industry-specific needs by leveraging our expertise in Microsoft technologies and Customer Relationship Management applications. Our success stories in every domain are vast and far-reaching, with some of the most notable ones listed here.

1. Financial Services

Streamline your international financial operations, stay aware of performance in real-time, foresee future trends, and make data-driven decisions to maximize business growth.

2. Manufacturing

Improve manufacturing efficiency with an integrated solution that helps optimize production planning, project management, operation scheduling, and cost management.

3. Supply Chain

Revolutionize your supply chain with digital optimization through advanced warehouse and inventory management to improve visibility, fulfillment, product analytics, material sourcing, and integrated logistics.

Why choose AD Infosystem for MS Dynamics Services?

Our team has proudly provided top-notch CRM projects for companies of all sizes, ranging from diverse industries. We are a reputable and highly experienced Dynamics 365 development company with an outstanding track record of repeat customers. Utilizing our knowledge in optimizing revenue through robust integrations, we assist our customers in maximizing their Microsoft Dynamics 365 investment.

1. Microsoft Gold Partner

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are highly experienced and knowledgeable in Dynamics 365 development services and the full range of Microsoft products.

2. Microsoft CoE

We proudly introduce our Microsoft Center of Excellence (CoE), a specialized practice focused on MS Dynamics.

3. 24X7 Support

Capitalize on our comprehensive Microsoft Dynamics service, from strategizing to developing and deploying - plus 24/7 post-deployment support.

4. Certified Resources

Our certified professionals have extensive experience customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 to meet your unique needs.

5. Vertical Serviced

Proof offers tailored solutions for all industries, from Social Care to healthcare, retail, information technology, banking, Insurance, and Manufacturing.

6. Commitment to Quality

A well-established Microsoft Dynamics services model provides affordable and reliable solutions.

MS Dynamics Consultants Under Versatile Engagement Models

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and one of the preeminent Dynamics 365 CRM consulting companies, we offer highly adaptable engagements that include on-demand developers, consultants, and managed services.

1. Fixed Price Model

They are perfectly designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized AI initiatives. This model allows customers to pay a fixed cost for all essential deliverables throughout their project.

2. Time and Material Model

If you're looking for a project adaptable to quick alterations, this is your ideal solution. Every month, customers are invoiced based on the work completed by our team.

3. SLA/Milestone-Based Model

If you're searching for AI developers to tackle a project that is both iterative and process-oriented with distinct internal and external milestones, this model will be your perfect solution.

4. Build Your Team model

With the help of this model, you may hire the best-in-class and most knowledgeable AI programmers exactly when and where you need them.

Our approach to Microsoft Dynamics 365 development

As a sophisticated MS Dynamics Services Company, we adhere to the globally renowned Agile Software Development Process for all software development projects.

1. Assessment of Requirements

Our industry-leading professionals evaluate project goals, needs, and expectations to craft a comprehensive development plan.

2. Agreement on Service Models

To ensure the success of your project, we provide you with a custom engagement model that best aligns with your unique needs and resources.

3. Design and Development

At the outset, design and development teams collaborate to provide a top-notch, step-by-step software/application experience that meets your requirements and objectives.

4. Testing and QA

Our company strives to provide a superior product by integrating comprehensive testing, client feedback, and documentation into every process step.

5. Support

Once an application goes live, the real journey begins. Every day comes with intense supervision and debugging to ensure it runs effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To ensure your Dynamics 365 development project meets your exact specifications, our SME will connect with you to understand the requirements and evaluate the scope of the task. We present you with our project proposal and several engagement models to pick from, each tailored to your particular needs and situation. We will kick off our work with no delay following the contract signing.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and an expert Dynamics 365 CRM consulting firm, we specialize in the conception and development of appropriate solutions that integrate into your IT infrastructure while driving improved productivity.

Absolutely! We offer Dynamics consulting, managed services, IT Support, and highly qualified workers for enterprise or SMB-level projects with the versatility to match your commitment.

Multiple elements affect the price of a project, such as its scope, technology stack, person-hours necessary for completion, and the engagement model used to achieve goals and objectives set by the business. In other words, our Dynamics 365 development expertise ensures an ideal combination of affordability and quality that promises the utmost customer satisfaction.

As a seasoned Dynamics 365 implementation services supplier, we inform all stakeholders—clients, teams, managers, and other interested parties - about project development. With our MS Dynamics 365 project, you can easily access real-time progress and updates anytime by logging in with the credentials we provide.
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