With Microsoft Services and Solutions, Enterprises Can Quickly Transform Their Digital Strategies for Maximum Efficiency

With the shift to digital technology being embraced by businesses, organizations are rapidly implementing tech solutions that improve response time, reduce mistakes, facilitate growth and expansion of operations, maximize productivity, and allow them to remain at the forefront of competition. At AD Info System, we accelerate our client's digital transformation with comprehensive services and solutions that span Microsoft's technology and solution stacks. As a primary Microsoft partner, we have been utilizing their cutting-edge enterprise solutions, such as Power Apps, Office 365 Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Teams, to provide impactful services across the globe.

Service Offerings

1. Azure Infrastructure Services

Maximize the return on your digitalization investments with Microsoft Azure's cloud services, which provide ever-expanding capabilities. Unlock the power of Azure Cloud Services to optimize every step of your cloud engagement journey. Our comprehensive portfolio offers 360° agility and support, ensuring you're always one step ahead.

2. Enterprise Collaboration

Bring diverse teams together with a collective mission and a unified support structure to unlock the full potential of their skill set. Streamline your team's collaboration for heightened productivity and optimize synchronization to unleash your business's full potential.

3. Workplace of the Future

In the modern world, the office can be anywhere; consequently, IT must accommodate and adapt to the varying demands of remote employees. Transform your workplace with a robust platform offering the latest modern solutions, allowing for smooth transitions and real-time collaborations across your entire team.

4. Enterprise Modernization

For organizations looking to upgrade their enterprise application system, taking an incremental approach and replacing one application at a time is often more beneficial than doing nothing. Discover the strength of landscape modernization and use it to promote a thorough enterprise transformation that will result in more agile IT processes and improved business resilience.

5. Rapid Application Development

By leveraging an agile, robust, rapid application development environment, we empower organizations to remain adaptive through process transformation and innovative architecture. Our innovative, tailor-made applications are designed to keep up with the ever-evolving nature of work environments while being equipped for future growth.

6. Intelligent Applications

Leverage the speed and power of intelligence to unlock the full potential of your Microsoft applications. Unlock the full power of your data with Microsoft. Accelerate the creation of intelligent apps with your desired technologies and tools for a seamless experience.

7. Dynamics 365

Experience unparalleled growth through the combination of CRM and ERP by leveraging Dynamics 365, empowered by our expertise in technology, comprehensive services, and reliable support solutions.

8. Data and AI

Harness the potential of AI and Microsoft's data-driven approach to expanding business insights exponentially. Maximize your data value to realize success in the future with Microsoft's Data and AI technologies, which offer you a perfect balance of both worlds.

Grow Faster than ever imagine with Microsoft Services and Solutions.
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